11. Independent quality review

An independent review of the data and metadata is highly recommended prior to publishing the final output. The Appendix provides a blank review form (the DDI Reviewer’s Feedback Form) to be used by an external reviewer.

The external review can be based on:

  1. The DDI file (xml file, containing no microdata and no external resources)
  2. The Metadata Editor project (containing microdata and DDI/DCMI metadata)
  3. The PDF Document
  4. The Microdata

The preferred option is to review the metadata and microdata, as it allows a full check of the final output. If data are highly confidential and cannot be shared with the reviewer, options 1-3 are the most appropriate.

In order to prepare for the independent quality review, proceed to step 10 if you will use options three or four. Follow the guidance there, and then finalize the archiving before producing the final output. Else, send the DDI-XML to the reviewer.